I can not tell you how many times "eat a cracker" was given to me as advice. It used to make me soooo mad! Really? Do you think I'm stupid? Did they really think that eating a cracker, or two, or even twenty, would really stop me from throwing up those 30+ times a day? I wish it was that easy!

This advice was usually given to me by women who tried to sympathize with me, because they threw up, ONCE. :) Bless their hearts, but they obviously had no clue.

Trust me, I have eaten plenty of crackers in my lifetime. I love a good cracker, so I even humored the idea, BUT believe me, no cracker was going to cure this problem! I'm sorry ladies-- and I'm glad if, somehow, that worked for you, but Hyperemesis Gravidarium is not cured by eating a cracker.


  1. sing it, sister!

    when i suffered with hg i had doctors, nurses, friends and family suggesting that i should really "try eating saltines".

    that and ginger and "getting some fresh air and taking a walk" were some of my favorite sage words of advice.

    when i was admitted to the hospital for a few days due to severe dehydration and ketones, a nurse asked me if i wanted her to "get me some saltines because those always help with the morning sickness"

    i came thisclose to telling her where to shove that box of saltines...

  2. "Have you tried eating crackers before you get out of bed?" was always one of my favorites too! (Who's getting out of bed is my first question!) I seriously wonder if any of those people have ever vomited their crackers. It's awful! It all comes up like a giant clumpy glob. Sometimes it doesn't all come out the first wave & then it's gagging you while you are trying to get the rest out. Then, if you are over the toilet you get the lovely splash that the crackers create. Pucky, toilet water all over your face. The only good thing I can say for crackers is they do help absorb the nasty stomach acid.
    I kept trying those saltines with my first one. Everyday, I threw them up. (Maybe that's what they mean about those crackers helping you get out of bed in the morning?) She's 14 now & I still can't eat a saltine. I can't even stand the smell of them.