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  1. http://myhyperemesis.blogspot.com/search/label/My%20Story

    Here's my story. :) Anna

  2. http://natalie-livingwithhyperemesis.blogspot.com/

    Hi, I got your comment on my page, I have left a link above to my page. I hope it helps some other people. I am just about to read your story now. Thanks for getting in touch xx

  3. I received your comment and I am so sorry what you went through. I know how hard it is to want a large family and have hyperemesis. We wanted 6 children, and have 3. I really think we will do it one more time! We are crazy! I was reading your blog and wondering if you ever had a double picc? Or just a single picc? I found that with a double picc you can do fluid with vitamins 24 hours a day and zofran 24 hours a day in the other picc so the drug zofran never leaves your body, it made such a big difference in my third pregnancy. From losing 38 pounds to losing 18 pounds. Also there are so many different home health-cares out there that do different things, I did a research on home health cares, matria for example only handles cases of hyperemesis, they are great! I hoped that information helped, e-mail me back when you have a second........sarah.stevens8@yahoo.com

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for your story! I decided to have one more baby, and like you hoped this time would be different. No such luck! i think it is even harder when a little one is at home needing you. THank you for your story, it makes me feel not so alone.

  5. I have only posted about my first pregnancy - my second one I am still working on writing. Here's the link:


  6. I havent formulated the entire story, I know it cannot be perfect but I keep starting over. Ha. Anyway, trying for baby number three with HG, grateful for all of you out there sharing and supporting others like me. heres my blog. hgvideodiary.blogspot.com

    thank you again for what you are doing.

  7. Im just starting out blogging, I was kinda scared at first but I have bad days where I just want to talk to others who have experience HG, those who have not experienced it can offer so many suggestions, but they never know the real true feeling.

  8. I am so sorry you had HG, also. It is absolutely miserable and debilitating. I had 3 HG pregnancies and each was worse than the next. (PICC lines for 6-8ms each time, Zofran in my TPN bag, blood and bile in my vomit and the excruciating pain of those fluids passing repeatedly over the Mallory Weiss tears in my esophagus. The elevated liver enzymes and physical exhaustion as your body withers away from the endless puking. Also the heightened sense of smell that would not allow any scent to invade my space without severe vomiting to follow. I couldn't swallow my own saliva for months with the first 2 pregnancies and took nothing orally for months. The 3rd pregnancy I was able to drink one brand of black tea but it would come up eventually.) My boys were all born healthy and strong and are now 11,9 and 7. I want one more baby but I waited until my boys got bigger because it was too hard caring for my little ones in between ER visits, hospital admissions and even once I was home on TPN thru my PICC line. (I know they are old enough to get snacks and food for themselves out of the fridge while I lay in misery on the couch, or crouched over the toilet bowl vomiting.) I had several doctors and only one was a mean witch...the rest were so kind. My family and friends never "got" my condition though. Lots of well-meaning advice to have ginger ale, sprite, jello, etc. A few comments from people insinuating I may be a little weak and/or intolerant to normal pregnancy nauseousness(which any HG survivor knows is the opposite of the truth. You have to dig deep and be so strong to go through an HG pregnancy. The mental and physical anguish of HG is unrelenting and unbelievably hard to fathom. It is not for the weak-minded.)I felt so alone with this condition. After I had my first child I was told that people only have this happen once and it should never occur again. HA! That was so untrue. I now know if you have it once or twice, you will always have it. I have no more fantasies in my head about avoiding HG if I want another baby. Thanks for listening and I pray for healing for all of the women suffering through HG now, and for those of us who have been traumatized by our past HG pregnancies. I also pray researchers find a way to prevent HG or at least help women so they have only "normal" pregnancy nauseousness. When you vomit every 20 minutes for weeks on end, your perspective changes and you almost lose your mind. All you can do is focusing on getting through the pregnancy minute by minute. You can't enjoy it, you can't look too far in the future, you literally try to survive through each minute. I think only an HG mama can understand this.

  9. Wow- I am so sorry to hear that.
    In Canada, we have diclectin- so my doc has had me on it by 6 weeks for each pregnancy- so fortunately I have never progressed to full HG (thank goodness!). I still experience Nausea 24/7 and some vomiting- but the diclectin REALLY helps to keep the vomiting under control. Still requires lots of rest and lying down and a VERY CAREFUL diet though. (Very hard to get fluids still- they are so troublesome!)

    too bad you don't have easy access to it in the USA

    This is my 5th time! and yes it lasted all 9 months the last time (each time has been worse). I still wonder why I do this to myself- but I adore my 4 children and my husband is so supportive- he has been home from work this time doing lots of the the cooking, cleaning, watching the kids, etc.- it was SO NEEDED to make it through the 8-12 week mark especially. Mind you I don't think I could have made it without all the prayers of my closest friends and support of my heavenly father for sure!
    I honestly thought that maybe the next time it would be different- well I guess that was a bit too optimistic.
    However I am just at 12 weeks now- long way to go, but I am monitoring it carefully- so far I've only lost 8 lbs- but it's a struggle to even bring myself to eat many days (and everything smells awful of course!)

    Anyway- I started looking at blogs to find other women who understood how awful one can feel all day and all night! So few women have any idea what it's like and it's miserable to feel alone in something!
    So I just found yours and I am so sorry that it was so miserable for you.
    I've had many fears of ending up in the hospital- so I am thankful every day that I haven't ended up there...
    God bless you and thanks for sharing your story!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about that...but in the end when you finally get to see the adorable faces of your little ones its all worth it.

    The doctor confirmed me 7 weeks pregnant last week. I am 23. I hadn't really experience nausea by then but this week I feel pathetic. I vomited heavily @5.30am Monday morning. I have a 7-4 job so its really hectic for me coz I have to hold myself until I get home in the evening to rest. I eat lots of pineapples to keep the feeling at bay but I am terrified of what's to come.

    When I'm hungry especially its really bad coz I get this horrible feeling in my stomach and shortly afterwards I throw up...even if I have no food in my stomach. I wish I had the chance to stay home and nurse this feeling but my job is demanding and I cant afford to be away from work + I need the money. I'm generally not scared of any other discomfort that comes with pregnancy but nausea is my number one enemy.

    How far along were you when you started experiencing this symptoms?

  11. I am 14 weeks pregnet. I have finally stopped vomiting but the nausa is not going away? Is this normal? I can not cook or be around food. I can't eat with my family. in 14 weeks i have lost 24 pounds and my husband has had to take me to the er 3 times for dehydration. i feel like a joke. nobody seeems to be taking it very serriously and i don't know what do do.

    1. I hope you are starting to feel a little bit by now, but unfortunately it is normal for a HG momma to still feel nausea even up until the day your baby is born... I know I did. :( Ive taken so long to write back, because I've been sick in bed with HG baby #3. I've been doing the ER thing too. Its horrible when no o e understands and you have to convince your doctor you're scared for your own life. Losing 24 pounds is no joke!! I am so sorry you're going through this. I hope you've been able to find some sort of medicine to ease anything you're feeling and that you have love and support around you. It's a horrible journey, but the outcome is worth it!!! Good luck strong momma!

  12. thanks for sharing your story! i am currently going through my 2nd HG pregnancy, 27 weeks...just counting down the days till i deliver! i too am absolutely terrified of going through this again. i keep wavering back and forth between my decision to stop having kids and go for one more (crazy, right?!)

    2nd HG pregnancy, due date 1-8-13

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It's good to know that I'm not the only woman who has suffered with HG. This is my first pregnancy and I was so thrilled when we found out. My morning sickness started off mild and then all of a sudden I wasn't able to keep a thing down. I've been in the hospital several times for dehydration. My saving grace has been Zofran. I can actually eat and feel somewhat normal while taking it. I'm almost 17 weeks and still need the Zofran everyday. One of hardest parts of this whole thing has been trying to convince others that this is not normal morning sickness. If one more persons advises me to eat a cracker I might lose it! :)

  14. http://mylifewithhgandanxiety.blogspot.com/

  15. I had HG with both of my pregnancies (1987 and 1990). I really didnt think my chances of having HG twice were that big so we planned for a second child. I would have an only child if i knew i would have gotten it again! (who knew, even then they were saying it was rare to even get it once, let alone twice!) My husband thought if he ignored the problem, that it would go away (thought i was doing it all for attention!!!) - that i would "snap out of it". I couldnt even swallow my own saliva w/o vomiting it - so i had to spit it out on a reg basis. The fact that my husband basically deserted me while pregnant ruined our marriage and i filed for divorce. I am wondering how many others had HG affect their marriage in the same way!!!

  16. I finally started a blog about my journey with HG. It's at walkerfamilyjourney.blogspot.com. I will chronicle my HG pregnancy with my daughter, raise HG awareness, and talk about how HG has impacted our future family plans. Thanks for making a place that HG moms can link up! :)

  17. Hello friend,

    Thank you sharing. I am early in my second journey with HG. I created a blog here to share and connect.


    In solidarity,

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  19. Thank you so much for sharing! I had HG with my first son and can relate to a lot of what you are saying! When my husband went to get zofran for the first time I told him I was willing to spend $400 which gave us 10 pills. Thank God they are now $15 for 30 (for the generic). Anyway, my second was slightly better, my third was bad, and now my 4th is bad again. Not as bad as you, but regular vomiting and nausea 24/7. Feels like being in a flu prison that I know I have to endure, Lord willing, for 7 more months. Everyone around me is so great and supportive, but it is very refreshing to read about someone who understands! In the midst of this I'm having a hard time understanding why God allows this since I'm having a hard time praying or reading my Bible since I feel awful. I don't feel like I'm getting closer to Him. I just feel like a warm body laying in bed all day without much purpose other than, of course, having this baby.
    Praying for you to have wisdom and guidance to expand your family. :)

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  21. I too, had severe HG with both my pregnancies. It definitely has prohibited us from having a 3rd child and while my marriage survived, it definitely put a huge toll on our relationship! I found that friends, relatives and a lot of doctors do not understand and tend to patronize. I had many ER visits, IVs, which were temporary fixes of course. The Zofran I was finally put on helped some, but not completely. The worst part was relatives who decided (and shared with me) that I must really not want the baby since I was so sick!

  22. Same here, i struggled with HG too! To the point where i just wanted to give up and abort my wonderful daughter. I was in and out of hospital, always needed to have iv fluids. I spewed at least 50 times a day, i couldn't even keep water down! It was absolutely hell! Starving everday, no one understanding how hard it was tO "Just force yourself to eat!" my throat burned! Sometimes puking blood from the acid burning my esophagus. Vomiting bile first thing in the morning to late hours of the night when i could finally manage sleep. I was afraid to eat, knowing it would come back up in huge chunks or unpleasant bits and the after taste tasting like i had just downed a bottle of vinegar. It put a huge strain on our relationship!my partner admitted there had been multiple times where he wanted to walk out on me.i honestly dont blame him. I turned into a fire breathing dragon! from lack of sleep and food. I was a nasty piece of work. But his love for me and our baby overpowered that, and we are happily still together. I lost 10 kgs.
    After the birth i didnt feel nauseous, but i was still scared to eat. When i did get back to enjoying food. I could only have a piece of bread and that kept me full for a whole day or i would forget to eat!!!
    It was like many others, a living nightmare but crazy enough worth it.
    Once my stomach got back to its orignal size i started binge eating on all the fatty foods i had been deprived of during those nine months amd put on quite abit of weight. Im now on a portion controlled diet to help me shed the pounds, and really struggle. I've never been like that, always been fit and healthy but now.... I would love to have another in a year but i dont beileve i could put myself through this again.

  23. I also suffered from HG--and still am at 38 weeks. I found this blog searching for reassurance that the nausea will ABSOLUTELY END once my baby is born. I have a fear that I'm stuck with it forever!
    I want to recommend DICLEGIS. It's the only Class A (not harmful to baby) medication to ease vomiting. I started taking it 8 weeks into my pregnancy, when I could eat or drink a thing without vomiting, and it allowed me to eat again. With the medication I could really only stomach gluten-free bagels and cream cheese and yogurt, but it allowed me to regain the 20lbs. I originally lost from severe vomiting.
    I always say of men carried babies there would be so many more answers and cures for the horrific side effects of pregnancy. Thank you for spreading the word!

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