Okay, I think I heard this solution anytime I had a problem. Just drink water. Sometimes there was even extra instruction, sip it slowly, don't drink it cold, keep it by your bed, add some extra electrolytes to it. Ok, ok, sure, drinking water will keep you hydrated which will solve many scary problems. Ya, I get that, but how do I keep that water down?!? That was the part everyone kept leaving out!

Drink water... I wish it was that easy! There were days I couldn't even think about water without throwing up and other days I was so thirsty that there wasn't enough water in the world.
I remember throwing up all night, every 2o minutes. In between throwing up I was dying of thirst and desperately seeking water. I finally fell asleep on the bathroom floor and when my husband woke up to check on me, he saw our wastebasket full of over 20 empty bottles of water that I had drunk and thrown up while he was asleep. Almost the whole case of water. It was a vicious cycle.

Yes. Water sounds like a great solution and yes, losing all your body's water weight in one night makes you excessively thirsty.


  1. Yeah, I couldn't drink water until I was almost 20 weeks with my second son. The ONLY liquid I could keep down, after I started medication, was lemon sparkling water. Had to be lemon, I threw up all other flavors which I thought was weird but I was thankful that I could keep that down!

  2. I would feel so incredibly thirsty. It was the most awful thing. With my last pregnancy, I had the same dream over & over. I would stand under a waterfall & open my mouth & just start gulping it down. It was like torture. Finally, after about 3-4 weeks on the PICC line, I started to feel alive again & stopped having the waterfall dream all the time.